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British Columbia

Fighting Out Of


British Columbia


135 lbs.

(61 kg)





17 Wins (10 TKO's)

2 Loss, 1 NC




Fight Style

Boxing + Muay Thai

+ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

boxing glovesZUMA Strike Camp

Well since the BC Teachers don’t seem to be going back to teaching, I know parents are in need of a place for their kids to go. ZUMA is offering a Strike Camp for any child old enough to be affected by the strike. It’s going to be academics and athletics throughout the day. Contact Sarah right away if wanting to enrol or if you have any questions!

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boxing glovesMy Spur of the Moment Ice Bucket Challenge

I was nominated and accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I got sent the nomination video and just found the nearest bucket I could put ice in. It was fun and cold!
Here is a link to the #IceBucketChallenge for ALS Canada.
The whole principle is to raise awareness and money for the research and treatment of ALS. I accepted the challenge and then went and donated as well.

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boxing glovesHonoured to be CTV News Island MVP

This past week CTV News made me their Island MVP. I’m honoured to have them come by and recognize me as an important influence to Victoria and Vancouver Island. In the segment you can see me working with my cutest student base at ZUMA – my Little Bulldogs – as well as me attempting to play myself in the new EASports UFC video game.

I can’t figure out how to embed the video, but take a look at this link!

CTV News Island MVP

I will continue to strive for my best and represent the Island in the most positive light!

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boxing glovesWill UFC 168 be the icing on the Cupcake for 2013?

2013 has been a crazy year for the champions of the UFC: Cain Velasquez had an amazing second fight with Junior Don Antos; Jon Jones nearly got dethroned after being challenged by Gustafsson; Anderson Silva got dethroned by Chris Weidman; GSP nearly got dethroned by Johnny Hendricks; Anthony Pettis took the belt from Benson Henderson; and Ronda Rousey became the first Female UFC champion.

Tonight is the final instalment to 2013’s year of upsets (or almost upsets) for the champions. The questions are: Will Silva take back his title? Will Meisha “cupcake” Tate be able to take down Rousey? I am typically terrible at predicting fights, but I think the answer is NO to both of those questions.

With Chris Weidman’s stellar wrestling and the confidence he has from KO’ing Silva in their first fight, I believe Weidman will be able to once again best Silva. I also believe that despite most people wanting Rousey dethroned, Meisha Tate won’t be the one to do it. Ronda has a significant strength advantage, and a lot of momentum behind her. Meisha is coming off of a KO loss, and before that she took a beating from Julie Kedzie before eventually winning by armbar. There is no doubt that Meisha is super tough and will stay in a fight until the bitter end, however she doesn’t possess the punching power to get the KO or the strength to be able to finish Rousey on the ground.

Regardless of what happens tonight, I’m super excited as a fan and athlete of the UFC. I also can’t wait to fight both Meisha and Ronda again in the future! Hope everyone finds somewhere to watch UFC 168!!!

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