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British Columbia

Fighting Out Of


British Columbia


135 lbs.

(61 kg)





17 Wins (10 TKO's)

2 Loss, 1 NC




Fight Style

Boxing + Muay Thai

+ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

boxing glovesHonoured to be CTV News Island MVP

This past week CTV News made me their Island MVP. I’m honoured to have them come by and recognize me as an important influence to Victoria and Vancouver Island. In the segment you can see me working with my cutest student base at ZUMA – my Little Bulldogs – as well as me attempting to play myself in the new EASports UFC video game.

I can’t figure out how to embed the video, but take a look at this link!

CTV News Island MVP

I will continue to strive for my best and represent the Island in the most positive light!

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boxing glovesWill UFC 168 be the icing on the Cupcake for 2013?

2013 has been a crazy year for the champions of the UFC: Cain Velasquez had an amazing second fight with Junior Don Antos; Jon Jones nearly got dethroned after being challenged by Gustafsson; Anderson Silva got dethroned by Chris Weidman; GSP nearly got dethroned by Johnny Hendricks; Anthony Pettis took the belt from Benson Henderson; and Ronda Rousey became the first Female UFC champion.

Tonight is the final instalment to 2013’s year of upsets (or almost upsets) for the champions. The questions are: Will Silva take back his title? Will Meisha “cupcake” Tate be able to take down Rousey? I am typically terrible at predicting fights, but I think the answer is NO to both of those questions.

With Chris Weidman’s stellar wrestling and the confidence he has from KO’ing Silva in their first fight, I believe Weidman will be able to once again best Silva. I also believe that despite most people wanting Rousey dethroned, Meisha Tate won’t be the one to do it. Ronda has a significant strength advantage, and a lot of momentum behind her. Meisha is coming off of a KO loss, and before that she took a beating from Julie Kedzie before eventually winning by armbar. There is no doubt that Meisha is super tough and will stay in a fight until the bitter end, however she doesn’t possess the punching power to get the KO or the strength to be able to finish Rousey on the ground.

Regardless of what happens tonight, I’m super excited as a fan and athlete of the UFC. I also can’t wait to fight both Meisha and Ronda again in the future! Hope everyone finds somewhere to watch UFC 168!!!

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boxing glovesWinning my first UFC fight

I’ve meant to write a blog for the last little while, but alas a full month has past since I stepped inside the UFC cage for my first time. I knew that fighting Jessica Eye was going to make for a very exciting fight and that she was mentally tough. I knew that I wanted to do what I could to finish the fight and get my first win inside the UFC. I knew how much work I had done in the 2 camps worth of preparation, and how ready and hungry I was. I didn’t know that judges could be appointed by a commission and be so uninformed as to the rules of judging a mixed martial arts fight.

Everything fight week was awesome: the UFC staff, the weigh cut, my team’s support, my warmup. Walking out to the cage was amazing – but it always is – and once the fight started I was ready to punch Jessica right in the Eye (you see what I did there?) Rd 1 we both started a bit slow but when I landed there were some good connections. It was a pretty close round and going into rd 2 I wanted to pick it up. In our exchanges Jessica mostly landed jabs and one landed under my left eye and created a little mouse. It didn’t bother me at all but I know that I sometimes appear to be damaged even when things barely hit and judges sometimes weigh that into their decisions. I controlled the cage center and landed the better shots, winning rd 2. Again, I knew that it was a closer rd than it should ever be…and then rd 3 happened.

Between rd 2 and 3 Jessica looked tired and unsure. I got the better of her rd 2 and I was way fresher than she was. In fact I was too fresh. Rd 3 started with me smashing Jessica and ended the same. I threw more and landed more than double the shots. I had her rocked on multiple occasions and when I went to finish her she managed to glom onto me and try and ride it out. We broke apart and I hit her some more. At the final bell I was feeling awesome, my corner was ecstatic, and the crowd was electric. It was an amazing moment, ruined when the judges’ decisions was announced: a split decision win for Jessica. Before the announcement she knew she had lost, I knew I’d won, yet I was at the judges mercy.

The crowd was non-too-happy and they voiced it by booing…a lot. I went into the back and was doing some interviews when I heard that the reason I lost was 1 judge scored the 3rd rd for Jessica. The round where she was nearly KO’d and was hit with over double the shots that she was able to land. The round that she herself admitted in an interview she got her ass kicked in. The round that a class of 4th graders, without any MMA knowledge, would unanimously give to me. That is the round that cost me my earned Win in the UFC.

Now, of course if you finish a fight there is no question you are the winner, but as higher level athletes are matched together, finishes are not always possible. I know finishing Jessica Eye is there for my taking. I had her rocked a few times in rd 3 and know that if I’d started the way I finished she would have been out for the count. That’s my fault. I won’t make that mistake in our next meeting.

Any honourable fighter would admit they didn’t deserve that decision and would insist on an immediate rematch. The question is: is Jessica Eye that honourable?

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boxing glovesRhino: The Houdini of Dogs

So last night I went to buy some headphones in London Drugs. I knew what I wanted and was going to be less than 5 mins. I left Rhino attached outside (which I often do) and expected her to be sitting, patiently waiting, as usual. While I was walking to join the checkout queue there was an announcement, “Whoever owns the poodle outside: your dog got offleash.”

Now, Rhino is far from a poodle, but she was outside so I assumed it could have been her. I dropped my items on a shelf and headed outside; sure enough Rhino’s leash and harness were exactly where I left her, but Rhino was nowhere to be seen. I started calling her name as I walked around the parking lot and adjacent grass. No Rhino. I asked a few people outside London Drugs if they’d seen her. No Rhino.

I started running towards my car/ condo building asking everyone if they’d seen a little brown dog. Finally, a guy said he’d seen her running towards Douglas St with 3 men chasing her. Now, if anyone knows Rhino, he/she also knows Rhino is TERRIFIED of being approached by almost everyone, but specifically men. I knew that if Rhino got out of her harness, a stranger trying to help get her would actually drive her farther away.

I ran past my car, then stopped, threw my flip flops in the trunk, grabbed my runners, and threw them on without socks. I took off down Yates St heading towards Douglas. I asked everyone along the way if they’d seen a little dog. No Rhino. I ran up Blanshard and someone thought they saw a small dog being chased near the YMCA. Off I headed to the YMCA and in the process met a guy, Brendan, who had actually seen Rhino. He had been running after her for 3-4 blocks but then lost eyesight of her around Vancouver St. I took off again and he was nice enough to take off his flip flops and run with me.

We kept asking people about Rhino, until someone “saw her about 10 min ago” running near Cook St. Brendan and I broke off and asked as many people as we could about Rhino. I was sprinting and yelling,” Rhino!” on a continuous loop. A couple of times I would stop and just look around in frustration because she could honestly have gone anywhere. About 15 min later, someone I had previously asked came running from behind to tell me he had seen her running straight up Cook St (the opposite direction I was going). I turned tail and ran as fast as I could up Cook. There are so many busy cross streets that I was just hoping I got to Rhino before a car did.

It was relieving to know that people had actually seen Rhino within 2-3 mins. I knew that I was getting closer and that kept my running for longer. Finally I saw a group of 4 people outside Passero’s – soon to be Ithaca – and they said that Rhino had just been picked up by a lady in a blue car who knew her. A wave of relief hit me as I realized I wouldn’t have to go home without my 4 legged companion.

The door was still open to the woman’s car and Rhino was just sitting in her arms. The woman didn’t realize that Rhino was my dog until a few minutes into the conversation. She thought I was just another person trying to locate the dog on the loose! Luckily for me, I think Rhino was just so exhausted from running for so long that she finally just gave up and let someone pick her up.

It turns out that Rhino had made it all the way to mid-Fairfield. The woman who managed to grab her saw Rhino run past her house, got in her car, and followed Rhino. Apparently, there was also a motorcyclist following Rhino, also. He/she even ran some red lights to ensure Rhino didn’t get hit by oncoming traffic! I’m not sure the exact route, but that’s a minimum of 3km from where she got loose and then she made it at least 3km back (she was picked up 2 blocks from where she started).

I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who played a part in getting Rhino back to me: the intercom at London Drugs, the guys who followed her – Brendan especially , the woman who drove around in her PJs, the motorcyclist who broke the law to push Rhino away from the cars, and all the Victorians who cared to answer my desperate question, “Have you seen a little brown dog?”

I still don’t know how Rhino managed to squeeze out of her harness – or why – but after 45mins on the loose it was great to have her crash on the couch with me.

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