MMAFighting Fight Journal

// March 1st, 2012 // General

From the same people who brought you the Roxanne Fight journal series, here is another fight journal from MMAFighting. The great Casey Leydon hung out with me and Adam Zugec yesterday to capture some amazing hidden talent! Check it out:

And make sure to watch Showtime extreme Saturday, March 3 for my fight vs Alexis Davis. (Superchannel 2 in Canada at 8pm I’ve been told)

2 Responses to “MMAFighting Fight Journal”

  1. pegson says:

    was a real good like piece. u deserve.. u need to say your twitter handle on every video and interview to grow your followers

  2. Kid Azteca says:

    The guy with the beard is a perv.
    Your singing is better than Lucy Ricardo’s.
    Good luck Saturday, hope you come out healthy.

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