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Sarah02 8X10Strikeforce champion Sarah Kaufman earned her gold, and doesn’t mind how she got it.

In what a lot of critics called a “boring” fight, Kaufman defeat now #4 ranked Takayo Hashi in a unanimous 5 round decision at the Strikeforce Challengers in February. Kaufman was on“Sportsgeeks” to silence the critics about the match and talk about her future with Strikeforce.

Kaufman makes no excuses for the title match.

“There are going to be those critics all the time,” Kaufman admitted. “I like to bang, I like to throw my hands. Maybe I should not as much because people stop thinking I am able to and are willing to trade a little bit more. I think as you get better and your opponents get better, it’s always going to be that interesting blend of different styles and aggression levels.”

Kaufman also said that they weren’t amateurs when it comes to having it out in the cage.

“I think when you take two top ranked athletes, especially when they have different strengths, it can play out in a technical fight. That might not be as entertaining for an uneducated fan, but for people who know what is going on, they can appreciate the actual sport. They can appreciate the strategy going into those fights. I think the fight between Hashi and I were one of those fights.”

When it comes to the upcoming Strikeforce tournament and finding a contender for her title, Kaufman said she doesn’t want to have to wait a long time to defend her title. She is hoping in just a few short months she can come back and defend her title. When it comes to who she wants to face, it doesn’t matter to her.

“Hopefully I’ll get to fight by June,” Kaufman stated. “At this point, I don’t want to keep waiting and waiting.”

“Strikeforce knows I want to stay active. I am pretty much open to anyone at 135.”

Kaufman is still in renegotiations with Strikeforce, stating she would like a five fight deal with the company.

Article by MarQ Piocos

3 Responses to “Sarah Kaufman – No Excuses”

  1. joe says:

    I agree with Curtis Sarah. Zuma is leading the way, everyone else is just following. Keep doing what you do best…winning!

  2. antonius blovk says:

    ¿boring fight? O_o! I do not think that an athlete has to do a fatality to demonstrate their domain.. this not mortal kombat lol this is a sport,in my humble opinion “of a fan of the sport”was a match full of tension,the world is crazy…and congrats again CHAMP!

  3. Curtis says:

    Screw the haters. Keep doing whatever ZUMA does and you will be 12-0 in a few months.

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